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Musicians of Western Montana

January/February, 2021 Newsletter

At The Top
In this edition, we look review the most recent EB meetings, see when dues statements might be sent out, check
out equipment insurance and remember Charley Pride.
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President’s Message
Going Forward
Happy New Year! I believe the year 2021 will turn out to be a vast improvement over 2020. With vaccines becoming available and local, state and national plans to control the continuing pandemic in place, we will come
out of this very scary time and be healthy again with a revived economy and Americans back to work. We still
need much patience.
I also believe that our country will rise above the crazy political events of late. It is upon each of us to express to
our elected leaders how we want them to lead. As members of an international labor union, we must be mindful
of opportunities to inform our elected officials of what we want or don’t want from them.
I believe this is what we want our leaders to provide:
• a social environment in which musicians can go back to work. Sooner rather than later (but safely).
• a community in which organized labor’s efforts on behalf of their members is respected and allowed to function.
• National, state and local economies running smoothly and robustly.
• renewed security in our nation, homes and the world.
• assurance that our democratic system works and will continue to work.
To that end:
I pledge that in 2021our MOWM core of officers and board will continue our efforts to help working musicians
thrive, inform the public of our existence and mission, and encourage others to join us as members.
Don Stone
President, Local 498-642 AFM